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Rahat Computer Service is a leading computer service provider in Oman since 1992. Being in the business for 3 efficacious decades, we’ve seen that technology plays an important role in keeping businesses running. That’s why we offer a wide range of services that include advanced laptops, computer systems sales, chip-level computer repair service, software installation, network security systems, system upgrades, PC health check-ups, and more. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible service, and we always use the latest technologies to help us achieve our goals. We know that you’ll be happy with the results!

If you’re like most people, you rely on your computer to do your everyday tasks. But if it starts to malfunction, don’t panic – there are probably options available to you. This article will provide you with information on the different types of computer repair services available today at Rahat computer service and explain why they are so important. We will also provide you with tips on how to choose the right service for your needs, and what to do if a problem arises.

Types of Computer Problems/Repair & Services in Muscat Oman

Let us see the most common types of computer problems. It can be easily categorized into 2 Types:

  • Hardware
  • Software


All the tangible parts of your computer outside & inside are included in the HARDWARE. Like the keyboard, Mouse, LCD, Monitor, CPU, etc.


All the Intangible components in a computer, i.e., the programs running in a system like games to OS are called SOFTWARE.

What Cause Hardware Damage?

Chances that a Hardware can be damaged, occur due to overheating, high moisture content, or maybe due to getting hit by something or falling off. But no worries, we at Rahat computer service have the solutions to all such issues, and for almost all the computer Brands like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, etc. being in the industry for 30 years now, we have a handful experience of in fixing all major/minor hardware issues.

What Cause Software Damage?

The most common causes of software issues are hardware failure, viruses, spyware, drivers &installation issues, etc. The perfect solution to such software problems can only be provided if the problem is diagnosed correctly. Rahat Computer has a team of experts who mastered their software diagnostics and cures skills.

Common Hardware Issues & Solutions at Rahat Computer Services Oman

Here is a list of the most common hardware issues:

NOTE: We provide services to resolve these problems/issues in Muscat Oman.

  1. No Display.
  2. Mouse malfunction.
  3. Keyboard malfunction.
  4. Motherboard issue.
  5. Noisy Computer.
  6. Internet speed issue.
  7. Low memory.
  8. Blue screen.
  9. Sound card issue.
  10. Power cord issue.
  11. Hard disk issue.
  12. Graphics card issue.

No Display

“NO Display”, is the most common problem, we all come across while using computers. To Fix this, we suggest checking the power supply cord first. Usually, if the video cable is not fixed properly, it leads to no display on the screen. Just tighten the cable and you will be up for work.

Mouse malfunction

If the Mouse is not working, it is usually due to being loosely plugged or the dirt and debris inside it. We suggest checking if it is plugged in properly and cleaning the dirt inside the roller in the second step. In the case of an optical mouse, the optical sensor should be cleaned.

Keyboard malfunction

The most common keyboard problem is when it suddenly stops working. In such a case for a wired keyboard, usually, unplugging and re-plug help out. In the case of, a wireless keyboard, check for the batteries.

Motherboard Issue

A motherboard comprises many parts including a Basic input / Output System (BIOS), RAM, CPU Socket, CMOS Backup Battery, PCI Slot, AGP slot, &, etc. it is the most critical part of a computer system. It can have both major and minor problems, solutions of which are based on the exact diagnosis. Our team of experts is here to fix motherboard problems for you in a very professional manner.

Noisy Computer

If you start getting noise problems suddenly from your computer, you should immediately check the source of the noise. If it is the hard disk that is generating noise, immediately back up your data as it might be the sign of the drive failure. If the noise comes from a fan, it is easy to fix it.


If your computer gets too hot while working, immediately turn it off and let it cool down. It can be due to an insufficient cooling system in the computer body or a fan malfunction.

Internet Speed issue

Ever face sluggish internet, give it a universal treatment i.e. restart the modem and router. Secondly, clear cookies and temporary internet files on regular bases to avoid slowing down the speed of the internet. Besides if it is due to hardware, we at Rahat Computer Service can fix it by upgrading your system.

Low Memory

As we know RAM (Random Access Memory) assists the CPU in performing the functions, so it is very necessary to have a good enough capacity of the RAM if you are using the software that needs a lot of memory. You can always reach us at Rahat computer service to upgrade your system for better performance with computer memory.

Blue Screen Error / Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

It is a fatal error that indicates the system is crashing and can no longer work safely.  This is the most critical error that represents system failure. It needs expert help, and you may visit our store for the rectification.

Sound card issue

This can occur if the sound driver is not updated or not functioning properly. We can diagnose and fix the sound card issues for your computer. Plus, we have a variety of relevant equipment if it is needed to upgrade or replace.

Power Cord issue

If your laptop is plugged in and not charging, first of all, see if the right ort is being used. The cable is properly in. if this is right there may be an issue with the cord it might be burnt, cut, or broken.

Hard Disk Issue

Various factors lead to a hard disk problem, it can be water damage, overheating, bad sectors, human error, or maybe the firmware. We at Rahat computer assist our customers in diagnosing the right cause of the computer hard disk problem and providing the ultimate solution.

Graphics Card Issue

A Graphics card is an essential component of a computer required for numerous functions. Its most frequent issue is when it doesn’t get detected. There can be multiple factors that lead to this issue. It includes driver issues, video cable malfunction, compatibility issues &, etc. to fix this issue first of all its accurate diagnosis is mandatory. Once the right cause is identified it gets easy to fix it.

Common Software Issues at Rahat Computer Services Oman

Most common computer software problems are listed below:

  1. Drivers Corrupted.
  2. The issue in the new application installation.
  3. Frozen screen.
  4. The system is not Updated.
  5. Slow-Upload/download.
  6. Slow Computer.
  7. System peripherals not working.

Drivers Corrupted

This is a common software problem, and when it occurs you cannot do any work on your computer as it gets freezes.

You can easily identify the corrupt driver with a yellow icon in the device manager’s driver list to find out the corrupt driver.

Once you find a driver link with a yellow icon, try to update it and it will get back to normal.

We at Rahat Computer, have all the updated software & drivers to fulfill your system needs. You can always reach us at our stores located in Muscat, Salalah, Sohar & Mabelah. Or you can visit our website (www.rahatcomputer.com) for details.


A malware attack is lethal for your system; therefore, strong protection is very important. Make sure your system security is up to date. We at Rahat Computer service in Oman have the best solutions for system security you may always contact us for the best security software solutions.

The issue in New Software Installation

New installations are required by all the users as per the nature of their work. If you ever face any issue in installing new apps in your system, it might be due to a lack of space or Malware. First, look up enough space and try to free up some of it for the new installation. If it is not the case check for the malware. However, software issues can be best diagnosed by our expert team at Rahat computer Services.

Frozen Screen

It can cause loss of your data. It might occur due to multiple reasons and a reboot is the best choice for initial rectification of the issue. If it doesn’t work, you need to call us or pay us a visit to any of our stores near your area.

The system is not Updated

One of the reasons for software issues is that the system is outdated and doesn’t support the latest versions of the software. A regular update in the system and an upgrade in the hardware help you keep running the software smoothly. You can always look for us to update and upgrade your system as we have all the best upgrade options available.

Slow Upload/Download

We all come across this most common software issue in our daily life. First, check the internet speed and if it is ok, try removing temporary internet files from your browser’s background. Check if your browser needs an update. Or you may restart your modem.

Slow computer

A regular PC health check-up is very helpful in avoiding the slow working of the computer. Besides, keep on removing temporary background files, use updated antivirus and look for upgrades in the hardware.

System peripherals not working

Check for the cords and drivers if they are working fine and if the equipment is connected properly. For a better understanding of the issue, you can consult a service expert.

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It appears that computers are becoming more and more susceptible to malfunctions. From slowdowns to crashes, to freezing, it’s hard to keep your computer running smoothly all the time. That’s where Rahat Computer Services comes.

We provide reliable computer repair services that will help you get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your desktop, laptop, or tablet, we can help! Just contact us on our website www.rahatcomputer.com, on our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin), or by phone (+968 24780536, 24799433, 24702366) to get started. We always feel pleasure in answering our customers with best of the computer solutions.